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Sporting another team’s colors

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A Patrick Mahomes/Kansas City Chiefs T-shirt passed on to me by my friend Francie Szarek.

When you get deep into the NFL playoffs, or the playoffs in any sport, most folks’ teams are no longer in the mix.

Some people just kind of roll with it, enjoying the games. Some people have a betting interest.

And then I think there are a lot of fans that kind of pick favorites for the rest of the way. Sometimes because there’s a team they like a little that’s not their team, sometimes because of a particular player or players (I root for the teams that have the most Clemson guys on the roster), and then some are simply rooting AGAINST teams they can’t stand (see the Patriots).

Today, I’m wearing a Kansas City Chiefs/Patrick Mahomes T-shirt passed onto me to wear by my friend Francie Szarek. I think she’d admit she lives in a Pittsburgh Steelers household, but her husband’s Steelers are out and as a Kansas native, she’s all in on the Chiefs.

I was already pulling for the Chiefs. My Cowboys haven’t been in the NFC Championship in 20 years. And the Chiefs knocked the Houston Texans, my second favorite team, out last week. With three Clemson players on the roster, that makes them my favorite the rest of the way.

But wearing another team’s colors, gear etc., … do people do that? I can’t remember the last time I did it. Maybe Georgia Tech T-shirts in the 1980s? But I was a kid, and that happens.

Among my adult friends, any of them wearing another team’s stuff are an indication sex is or was happening. Obviously, today, I am an exception.

Do any other adults out there wear another team’s stuff?

Appalachian Trail, Argentine tail, … what’s the difference, again?

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In case you’ve missed it, the governor of the fine state of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, has been in the news a little bit over the past couple of weeks. If you need a refresher course, here’s The State newspaper’s coverage of the affair, so to speak.

Quick summary: Governor told aides he was going to hike part of the Appalachian Trail. Turns out, he was with some Argentine tail.

Anyway, Old Man Records is selling a T-shirt to commemorate Sanford’s achievement. It’s $15 and 15 percent of the proceeds go directly to the The Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

If you’re interested, go to the Old Man Records store to purchase the shirt. For more information on the charity, go to