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Catching up

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Kahn's relly gone this time.

Kahn's really gone this time.

I haven’t made a post in quite some time, so in this one I’ll run down a few things I would have commented on.

The Golden Globes

This was a cool night for me.

First, Bruce Springsteen won the Golden Globe for best original song from a movie for his theme from “The Wrestler.”

Then, in his acceptance speech for best actor in a musical or comedy for “In Bruges,” Collin Farrell made the statement that, “Love is the nemesis of ignorance.”

I’ve never heard it said that way before, but I think that’s dead on and it’s beautiful, especially coming from someone many people consider one of the “bad boys.”

Finally, there was Mickey Rourke. The longshot underdog won for best actor for his role in “The Wrestler” (Watch the trailer here). I was so happy for him, he’s come a long way back.

I couldn’t help but be shook up when in his acceptance speech, he thanked his dogs. Sometimes, when a man is really alone, all he has are his dogs, he said.

If you needed proof he was probably pretty low, I think that fits the bill.


Ricardo Montalban died Jan. 15. (See obit here)

While he will always be remembered as the suave Mr. Rourke from Fantasy Island, to me he is Khan, the exile from an original episode of the show in 1967.

He lived and returned in “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” to see revenge on his nemesis, Captain Kirk, of course.

He was also in a couple of Planet of the Apes movies as well — “Escape from …” and “Conquest of …” — meaning he obviously knew cinematic genius when he saw it.

God bless his soul.

R.I.P. Commissioner Gordon

Pat Hingle, the actor that played Commissioner Gordon in several of the Batman movies of the 1990s, as well as the judge in Clint Eastwood’s classic “Hang ’em High,” died.

I know it’s not the same incarnation of Batman, but we just lost Catwoman (Eartha Kitt) last month. Bad time to be tied to the Dark Knight.

Maybe Heath Ledger will change that with an Oscar next month.

Controlling the minds of women

Um, I really don’t know how to explain this link.

But basically, if you believe what you read, there’s a theory that just by having sex with a man, women increase the ability of men to control their minds, thanks to the mind-control properties of semen.

Ummm …  Check it out.


I’ll probably reserve any comments on the inauguration, etc., and the plethora of Springsteen news for a few more days.

Let’s talk about sex …

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OK, let’s kill three birds with one stone here.

First of all …

Gillian Anderson in Maxim.

Gillian Anderson in Maxim.

All the headlines on Internet news sites last week read, “X-Files star seeks treatment for sex addiction.”

Only upon clicking the links did you find out it was Fox Mulder, er, I mean David Duchovny.

I know it’s wrong, but I must admit that as I waited for the page to load, I was really hoping it was Scully, er, Gillian Anderson who was addicted to sex.

I’m not really sure why. Any ideas?

Secondly …

I tried to pick a photo of Josh that wasn't too sexy. How'd I do?

I tried to pick a photo of Josh that wasn't too sexy. How'd I do, ladies ... or guys, I guess?

Apparently, actor Josh Hartnett and his lady friend are the stars of a sex tape, unintentionally, according to They had a private “rendezvous” in a place a little more public than they thought.

Well, one can only hope this film turns out better than Pearl Harbor. Quote from a review of Pearl Harbor from ” There are very few films I’ve come across which actually make you want to beat yourself senseless with a heavy object. But this is surely one of them. Quite possibly one of the worst films ever made …”

I guess, really, only his co-star knows if this film was a success.

And lastly …

There was a story on a couple days ago entitled, “Eight bad reasons to have sex.”

Upon first examination, this seems to be a bogus story, since I was positive there couldn’t be eight bad reasons to have sex.

Then, after reading the article, I realized it was geared toward the ladies, and it was really a kind of warning, … these are not good reasons to shack up with this guy. Among the poor reasons: Revenge, ego, fame, mercy, quid pro quo, clarity and weight loss. Yeah, that last one is a hoot.

But the best bad reason to have sex, by far, is the one they called “appliance envy.” Now that sounds pretty graphic, but it didn’t mean what I thought it meant. (What do you think I think it means? I’m not saying.)

No … basically, this is about home appliances. Primarily air conditioners.

Yep, that’s right … air conditioners.

It seems the authors believe that if it’s really hot, I mean like 103 degrees hot, and a young woman is living in an apartment with no air conditioning, it’s not in her best interest to make a booty call just for the sake of waking up in a cool apartment the next day.

Some people are geniuses.