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Bigfoot lives on in our hearts and minds

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Bigfoot ... real, or very real?

As an avid believer of Bigfoot, (this is where my wife chuckles … but then again, she claims she can smell ants being smashed), I am always enthused to read new reports of Bigfoot sightings, theories, hoaxes, etc.

There are two recent stories I thought I would bring to light  for those who may not have the time to track down all the Bigfoot happenings and goings on.

First, some real news. According to Fox News, a Chinese team is in the process of raising funds for an expedition to find eveidence of the Chinese version of Bigfoot, the Yeren, or as he’s commonly referred to, the “Wild Man.”

Here’s the story: China to search for elusive “Bigfoot”

Meanwhile, back in the states, the Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers and the Bigfoot Discovery Project presented the annual Bigfoot Discovery Day on Saturday, staged at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton, Calif. The exhibit/discussion centered specifically on sightings in Santa Cruz County, Calif.

Read the San Jose Mercury-News account right here.

More Bigfoot, by the book

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A Bigfoot book

A Bigfoot book

Looking around online, I came across a book review on a book about one of my favorite topics.


Last August, I posted “Another Bigfoot story bites the dust” about the latest Bigfoot saga, which easily sucked in (and suckered) Fox News.

Fair and balanced, … and apparently brain dead.

While I’m sure the book itself — Bigfoot: The Life and Times of a Legend — is an scintillating read, it was the comments posted after Brian Switek’s book review on the blog that were pure entertainment.

After the appearance of author Joshua Blu Buhs to answer some of the reviewer’s questions about the book and an interesting post about how we should be willing to challenge what we know and what we believe, things digressed. At one point, one poster claims to out another as a government secret agent sent to discredit any eyewitness accounts of Bigfoot.

Eventually it deteriorates to the point where one frequent poster flat out questions the sexuality of the author.


Finally, Switek admonished the unruly poster and closed the thread.

But not before it made my day.

UPDATE: In case you miss his comment, my friend Chris also blogged about this book and the author commented on his post. I’ll presume they didn’t discuss anyone’s sexuality.

Another Bigfoot story bites the dust

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Bigfoot ... or hoax?

I’m sure, by now, you’ve heard about the latest Bigfoot story. I mean, if you haven’t, where have you been?

Seems two fellows from California claimed they found the body of a deceased Bigfoot in the woods in north Georgia. They took the body and stuffed it into a cooler, or a freezer, or a big white metal box … anyway, took pictures and then wouldn’t let anyone see the body after making their discovery public.

Of course, the picture resembles a big gorilla costume stuffed into a cooler. It’s understandable why city folk out there who don’t know any better would try and cast doubt on the story. But this got ugly.

Among the stories to come out in the past several days following the revelation of the Bigfoot discovery were: “Bigfoot in the freezer is my pet Chuck,” “Bigfoot named president of Georgia, makes peace with Russia,” “Bigfoot sighting at Hank Aaron Stadium” and, the best one, “McCain selects Bigfoot as running mate in surprise move.”

It’s just like the mainstream media to botch such an important story. Despite the men’s statements that they would allow only their handpicked scientists and a Fox News reporter to view the body, Fox News dismissed the claim just like everyone else. What happened to “We report. You decide?”

Well, turns out it WAS all a hoax. A DNA analysis found samples supposedly taken from the corpse to be human and … get this, … opossum.

The sad part is yahoos like these two guys ruin it for people, like me, who know for certain bigfoot really does exist.

Oh well. Anybody heard anything lately about the chupacabra?