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Maybe it’s you (or us … or just America, in general)

Posted in Humor, Journalism with tags , , , , on October 19, 2009 by macmystery

I am all to aware about the myriad of reasons why newspapers are failing and journalism, in general, is in decline.

And journalists — newspaper journalists specifically — who blame the reader (the consumer, essentially) should usually be admonished, and rightly so.  The consumer (reader) simply wants the product (information) faster and in a way traditional newspapers can’t (or won’t) provide it (via TV, the Web, handheld or social media, etc.).

But where the reader can be held accountable is in WHAT information they want. Not enough people seem to care about the things that really matter anymore. Maybe that’s a problem with America, in general.

Here’s a prime example I find humorous.

The city of Atlanta is in the midst of its most important mayoral election in decades. The health care reform being debated in Congress, as well as in the court of public opinion, will affect virtually every Amercian in some way. We’re fighting a war in Afghanistan. And the H1N1 strain of the flu — swine flu, if you will — is spreading faster than expected and is killing our young people.

Yet, these were the three most popular stories on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for last week:

1. UGA football player arrested, suspended

2. Winder man dies from rattlesnake bite

… and my favorite …

3. Man gropes nurse who was helping deliver his baby

The last one is so good, I might just have to post it myself.

Give me your money, Update

Posted in Humor, Odd on September 16, 2009 by macmystery

I’ve been caught.

Well, not me, but the guy who looks like me. The one who robbed 12 banks in six states in four months.

Chad Schaffner was arrested earlier this week … at a Super 8 motel in Missouri.

They were calling him the “Brazen Bandit” because he made no attempt to hide his identity when taking down a bank.

Here’s the report from WSPA Ch. 7 here in Spartanburg. Here’s my previous post.

Upon his arrest, he confessed to all the robberies (like he could deny it).

I guess I’ll have to find someone else to live vicariously through, now.

Give me your money

Posted in Humor, Odd with tags on September 9, 2009 by macmystery
This is a stick up!

This is a stick up!

I’ve resisted posting this, but I couldn’t hold off any longer.

There’s a serial bank robber who has struck 11 times in the Carolinas, Tennessee, Indiana and Kentucky.

And he happens, at least in surveillance photos, to look a lot like me.

A lot like me.

Trust me, though … if I were successfully robbing banks, I wouldn’t be posting to Facebook or updating a blog … much less going to work.

He hasn’t shot anyone, he asks nicely for the money … and he even brings his own little bag for them to fill up so the tellers won’t have to use one of the bank’s bags (equipped with dye bomb).

What a considerate fellow.

And judging from the photos, he’s not bashful.

Appalachian Trail, Argentine tail, … what’s the difference, again?

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In case you’ve missed it, the governor of the fine state of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, has been in the news a little bit over the past couple of weeks. If you need a refresher course, here’s The State newspaper’s coverage of the affair, so to speak.

Quick summary: Governor told aides he was going to hike part of the Appalachian Trail. Turns out, he was with some Argentine tail.

Anyway, Old Man Records is selling a T-shirt to commemorate Sanford’s achievement. It’s $15 and 15 percent of the proceeds go directly to the The Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

If you’re interested, go to the Old Man Records store to purchase the shirt. For more information on the charity, go to

Um … how do I respond to that?

Posted in Family, Humor with tags on July 2, 2009 by macmystery

So I walk into the kitchen the other day and my wife, out of the blue, says to me,  …

“So I was reading your ex-girfriend’s blog …”

Oh crap.

This can’t end well for me, I think.

And then, a few sentences later, I hear this … at least I think I did … my head hitting the floor could be making me imagine this … Brooke said, …

“It almost makes me wish you’d married her so we could have been friends.”

I was speechless. My wife loves her “witty-ness” (is that a word?). And her “fabulous” hair. But mostly her witty-ness.

So now Brooke has blogged about her blog.

I don’t really have much else to say here except … this isn’t normal, is it?

More Bigfoot, by the book

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A Bigfoot book

A Bigfoot book

Looking around online, I came across a book review on a book about one of my favorite topics.


Last August, I posted “Another Bigfoot story bites the dust” about the latest Bigfoot saga, which easily sucked in (and suckered) Fox News.

Fair and balanced, … and apparently brain dead.

While I’m sure the book itself — Bigfoot: The Life and Times of a Legend — is an scintillating read, it was the comments posted after Brian Switek’s book review on the blog that were pure entertainment.

After the appearance of author Joshua Blu Buhs to answer some of the reviewer’s questions about the book and an interesting post about how we should be willing to challenge what we know and what we believe, things digressed. At one point, one poster claims to out another as a government secret agent sent to discredit any eyewitness accounts of Bigfoot.

Eventually it deteriorates to the point where one frequent poster flat out questions the sexuality of the author.


Finally, Switek admonished the unruly poster and closed the thread.

But not before it made my day.

UPDATE: In case you miss his comment, my friend Chris also blogged about this book and the author commented on his post. I’ll presume they didn’t discuss anyone’s sexuality.

Random stuff: Someone liked my gas

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Yesterday, New Year’s Eve, before Brooke went to work in the morning, she told me there were four pork chops in the refrigerator thawing.

“Cook them anyway you want to,” she said, “and eat one for lunch. You can take another to work for dinner and leave two for us.”

So, after feeding Ella lunch, I took my pork chops, which I had lovingly marinated in Italian dressing, outside to toss them on the grill.

I reached down to crank on the gas … and there was none. I mean none as in someone had stolen the entire tank right off my grill that sits right next to my house.

I think I was a little too shocked to even be angry. I was just flabergasted.

Brooke was more surprised than me when I told her about it. I grilled on Christlas Eve, so someone took the tank in the last week.

I’d like to think someone needed it really badly. For heat. Or money. Or because they had no electricity and needed to cook. But I doubt it. Likely some no good loser (like maybe my neighbor’s adult slacker son … can I say that?) who wants to save the money of buying his or her own tank.

So I guess we’ll refrain from grilling for a while, untile we get a new tank.

By the way, the pork chops were excellent baked.

Thank you, Mr. Pell

Former Democratic Rhode Island senator Claiborne Pell died New Year’s Day at the age of 90 after a long bout with Parkinson’s Disease.

Among Pell’s accomplishments was the Basic Educational Opportunity Grant program, which passed in 1972 and provided direct aid to college students … better known to you and I as Pell Grants.

Millions of low- and middle-income Americans (including this one) were assisted in attending college because of Pell’s grants.

I, for one, would like to say thanks to Mr. Pell and say a prayer for him and his family.

Sharing gas (and other bodily functions) with the ones you love

I came across this story today about how different couples/families are open … or not so open … with each other when it comes to normally private bodily functions.


“You and me, babe, how about it?”

The radio station I got hooked on this past summer in Reno, Nev., — KTHX 100.1 FM, The X — just played the Indigo Girls’ version of Dire Straits’ “Romeo and Juliet.”

That never happens.


First time I’ve ever heard it on the radio anywhere.

Remember they said it has put together a wrap-up of the five dumbest things said about the economy in the past two years by political and financial leaders.