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One Jonas brother hopes to emulate The Boss

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Nick Jonas told his brothers in a Radio Disney interview that his new band — Nick Jonas & the Administration — will take after Bruce Springsteen.

“I’m kind of modeling it after Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band,” he said. “It’s kind of the look we were going for stylistically on the album cover and just the project in general… [Springsteen] pours so much passion and emotion into all of his songs every night and I hope I can capture that too.”

Read the rest of the story here.

I’ll reserve judgment on whether or not he succeeds.

Springsteen gives “Satisfaction” in Greenville

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I took in the Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band show Wednesday night at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, S.C., … my eighth show, … and Bruce, as usual, didn’t disappoint.

The show, which came in about five minutes shy of three hours, was one of the two best Springsteen shows I’ve seen, running neck-and-neck with the show from the Magic tour that I saw in Charlotte.

The seats were good (It’s a relatively small arena), the sound was good and the band was on. Clarence Clemons, the band member I’d consider the least consistent these days, was on and never missed a mark or a note.

And the setlist was good, too.

Setlist and notes for Sept. 16, 2009 in Greenville, S.C.

Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out … (spot on)
Badlands … (with Jay Weinberg playing so much harder than his father, this song was really driving)
No Surrender … (nice Born In The USA nonoverplayed song)
Hungry Heart … (Never thought I’d hear this live as it’s fairly rare that he plays it.)
Outlaw Pete … (Definitely better live than on Working on a Dream)
Working on a Dream
Seeds … (second song I never expected to hear … is there a bad economy theme here with the “Badlands,” “Atlantic City,” “This Hard Land,” and “Hard Times?”)
Johnny 99 … (A driving full-band version of a stark Nebraska classic)
Atlantic City … (Made my father-in-law a happy man)
Raise Your Hand
This Hard Land
… (by fan’s request … his sign read something like, “I skipped school and drove seven hours to hear This Hard Land” … Bruce made light of the fact Jay Weinberg didn’t know it)
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction … (first ESB cover of this Rolling Stones song … “Wait a minute,” Bruce said as he held up the sign. “It might suck. Don’t get excited.” Nope)
Ramrod … (another fan request)
Waitin’ on a Sunny Day… (first of three Rising songs … he let two little girls have the mic for a while)
The Promised Land … (one of my five favorites)
Backstreets … (This is the whole show for me)
Radio Nowhere … (the only Magic tune for this show, slightly disappointing to me)
Lonesome Day
The Rising … (sounded better than on that tour)
Born to Run … (believe it or not, never gets old … he sings it like he means it every time)
Hard Times … (name another rock band that covers a song from 1854 in concert … Bruce’s comment, “health care for every American” before the song brought a lot of cheers mixed with groans)
Double Shot of My Baby’s Love (w/ the Swingin’ Medallions) … (corny, yet cool … brought out the original Medallions who are from Greenwood, S.C. … classy)
American Land … (the ones who built this country, we’re always trying to keep down)
Glory Days … (my friend Sean would have been happy)
Detroit Medley … (sweet)
Dancing in the Dark … (a deceivingly up-tempo sad song … also the song playing in the delivery room when Dylan was born)
Thunder Road … (Bruce just didn’t want to quit … the band had already taken it’s bows twice, and Jay had given away almost all of his drumsticks)

Jay Weinberg is as good as advertised filling in for his father, Max, on drums, … and he’s just 19. And he can’t wear 140 pounds soaking wet.

Here’s some more coverage of the show: here, here, here, here. And the show brought in some much-needed cash for the local food bank.

If I had money, I’d be buying Charlotte tickets this weekend since it came out today that the band will be taking a hiatus after this tour … Little Steven even hinted this could be it.

Springsteen tonight

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8 p.m. Tonight. The Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, S.C.

I can’t wait. This will be my eighth time, but the first in Greenville (I’m fairly certain it’s his first trip to Greenville).

The last time I saw him, with my friend Jason at the Bobcats Arena in Charlotte, N.C., it was the best performance I’d seen by him to date. I can only hope this one is on par with that one.

This time, I’m going with my father-in-law. He’s been once before, on The Rising tour.

Above is part of a bootleg video of “Out In The Street” from the show in Sunrise, Fla., last week (Sept. 13).

Kennedy Center takes five: The Boss was one of five entertainers selected to be a part of the Kennedy Center Honors this year. Robert DeNiro and Dave Brubeck were among the other four.

Congrats to Bruce and the others on the honor. I’ll be interested to watch the TV broadcast (Dec. 29, CBS) of the Dec. 6 gala.

Man on the Moon

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Here’s a tune in honor of the 40th anniversary Monday of the United States putting men on the moon (or a Hollywood soundstage, or the Mojave Desert … whatever you believe).

Not that the song is related, really, but it’s fun.

Catching up

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Kahn's relly gone this time.

Kahn's really gone this time.

I haven’t made a post in quite some time, so in this one I’ll run down a few things I would have commented on.

The Golden Globes

This was a cool night for me.

First, Bruce Springsteen won the Golden Globe for best original song from a movie for his theme from “The Wrestler.”

Then, in his acceptance speech for best actor in a musical or comedy for “In Bruges,” Collin Farrell made the statement that, “Love is the nemesis of ignorance.”

I’ve never heard it said that way before, but I think that’s dead on and it’s beautiful, especially coming from someone many people consider one of the “bad boys.”

Finally, there was Mickey Rourke. The longshot underdog won for best actor for his role in “The Wrestler” (Watch the trailer here). I was so happy for him, he’s come a long way back.

I couldn’t help but be shook up when in his acceptance speech, he thanked his dogs. Sometimes, when a man is really alone, all he has are his dogs, he said.

If you needed proof he was probably pretty low, I think that fits the bill.


Ricardo Montalban died Jan. 15. (See obit here)

While he will always be remembered as the suave Mr. Rourke from Fantasy Island, to me he is Khan, the exile from an original episode of the show in 1967.

He lived and returned in “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” to see revenge on his nemesis, Captain Kirk, of course.

He was also in a couple of Planet of the Apes movies as well — “Escape from …” and “Conquest of …” — meaning he obviously knew cinematic genius when he saw it.

God bless his soul.

R.I.P. Commissioner Gordon

Pat Hingle, the actor that played Commissioner Gordon in several of the Batman movies of the 1990s, as well as the judge in Clint Eastwood’s classic “Hang ’em High,” died.

I know it’s not the same incarnation of Batman, but we just lost Catwoman (Eartha Kitt) last month. Bad time to be tied to the Dark Knight.

Maybe Heath Ledger will change that with an Oscar next month.

Controlling the minds of women

Um, I really don’t know how to explain this link.

But basically, if you believe what you read, there’s a theory that just by having sex with a man, women increase the ability of men to control their minds, thanks to the mind-control properties of semen.

Ummm …  Check it out.


I’ll probably reserve any comments on the inauguration, etc., and the plethora of Springsteen news for a few more days.

Torture me with Born in the USA, please

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"Born down in a dead man's town ..."

"Born down in a dead man's town ..."

I find this funny.

Several pop and rock musicians are protesting the U.S. government’s use of popular songs as a way to torture detainees at places like Guantanamo Bay.

According to published stories, Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” is one of these, along with tunes by artists like Britney Spears and Rage Against the Machine (a natural pairing if ever I’ve seen one).

What makes it funny to me is that my wife, Brooke, has probably considered “Born in the USA” to be torture for some time.

Somehow (there’s some sarcasm here), mysteriously, it’s become Dylan’s favorite song. In fact he knows the words so well, if I try and slip the acoustic version by him, he recognizes it as well.

In fact, it’s only one among several songs that he likes that she could do without. He’s also a huge fan of Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London.”

Brooke … she hates it, especially when it’s played over and over (Who would do that?).

And he loves anything by Johnny Cash.

Fine by me.



That would be Celene Dion.

A new year, some new Bruce

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"Working on a Dream"

"Working on a Dream"

Obviously, anyone who is a Springsteen fan has heard by now that his new album, “Working on a Dream,” will be released Jan. 27, just days after Barack Obama’s inauguration and just days before his Super Bowl halftime performance.

The first two songs, the title track and “My Lucky Day” are available online already (see iTunes or You can also watch both. I’ve embedded both at the end of this post.

Here’s the track listing for the album:

1. Outlaw Pete
2. My Lucky Day
3. Working On a Dream
4. Queen of the Supermarket
5. What Love Can Do
6. This Life
7. Good Eye
8. Tomorrow Never Knows
9. Life Itself
10. Kingdom of Days
11. Surprise, Surprise
12. The Last Carnival
Bonus track:
The Wrestler

A couple of notes …

  • According to Billboard magazine, the opening track, “Outlaw Pete,” is a whopping eight minutes long.
  • Also, the late Danny Federici, as well as his son, Jason, appear on the album.
  • The album will be packaged with a DVD containing studio footage. I can only assume the two videos already available will be part of that DVD,
  • Several news outlets are already a reporting there will be a tour to accompany the album, beginning in the spring in Europe.
  • And in what should be old news, but isn’t, “Girls in Their Summer Clothes,” from 2007’s “Magic” has been nominated for two Grammys — Best Rock Song (against Radiohead, Death Cab for Cutie, Kings of Leon, and Coldplay) and Best Solo Rock Performance (against John Mayer, Paul McCartney, Eddie Vedder, and Neil Young). The 51st Grammy Awards air at Sunday, Feb 8 on CBS.

Working on a Dream

My Lucky Day