Give me your money

This is a stick up!

This is a stick up!

I’ve resisted posting this, but I couldn’t hold off any longer.

There’s a serial bank robber who has struck 11 times in the Carolinas, Tennessee, Indiana and Kentucky.

And he happens, at least in surveillance photos, to look a lot like me.

A lot like me.

Trust me, though … if I were successfully robbing banks, I wouldn’t be posting to Facebook or updating a blog … much less going to work.

He hasn’t shot anyone, he asks nicely for the money … and he even brings his own little bag for them to fill up so the tellers won’t have to use one of the bank’s bags (equipped with dye bomb).

What a considerate fellow.

And judging from the photos, he’s not bashful.

One Response to “Give me your money”

  1. Hey Mike, I still work at a bank. I have certainly paid attention to the story, and I must admit, there are several times when I have looked at that picture and thought, “wow. that dude really looks like Mike.” Just so you know it’s not just you. :o)

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