If you’re a Beatles person, today’s your day

Beatle-mania returns!

Beatle-mania returns!

It’s been said there are two kind of people: Beatles people and Elvis people. Elvis people can like the Beatles. Beatles people can like Elvis. But at heart, you’re one or the other.

Well, Beatles people should have a field day today.

First, today is the release date for two Beatles box sets, containing all 14 remastered studio albums, one in mono and the other in stereo. (Entertainment Weekly reviews the set here)

Second, today is the release date for “Rock Band: The Beatles.” (Check out the opening animation here)

And third, today could very likely be the day that Apple announces the Beatles catalog will be available for download at ITunes.

(Nos. 1 and 2 are addressed here; No. 3 here.)

I’d really like to have the box set, especially the early stuff that I haven’t listened to for years … mainly because I only have it on cassette.

While the music is what I care about, the video game will be huge, I believe.

I think a whole generation of music fans/video gamers/kids could be exposed to the Beatles that otherwise wouldn’t have.

And unlike the other Rock Band games, this one allows/requires you to sing harmonies, meaning the words will become important. Unlike Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, which simply teaches you that, yes, you were right … all Aerosmith songs do eventually sound the same.

If you’re a Beatles fan, MSNBC.com/EW.com has ranked all 14 Beatles albums. See if you agree. (I like Abbey Road, personally).

And there are two separate discussions that could last forever on the Beatles’ best song (here and here).

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