All hail the “Throwback”

Dew ... old school.

I’ll try and make this brief, because it’s ridiculous I’m writing about this … and even more ridiculous you’re reading it.***

In the spring of 2009 (May 31 to be exact) I published a blog post entitled Beware the Throwback. Pepsi had released it’s limited run of ‘Throwback” beverages, including Mountain Dew. While on a camping trip in Tennessee, I purchased a 12-pack.

Upon my first taste of the Throwback Dew, I determined something was amiss … and I wrote about it. The folks at Pepsi had re-introduced real sugar to Dew, but in the process they removed the orange juice, … a cost-cutting measure I would guess.

The result was what I thought to be a weak beverage. The kick was missing. So I wrote about it. The Throwback drinks ran their limited time in the stores and were gone.

Well, as several readers have told me, Pepsi has re-released the Throwback Pepsi and Mountain Dew. And this time, the OJ is back. I held off on writing this until I could actually find some (they’ve been out since Dec. 28) and try it. And it was near perfect. (I haven’t tried Pepsi since I’ve always disliked it, real sugar or not. I’m a Coke man.)

This time, according to Pepsi’s all-things-Throwback Web site, the limited run will last until Feb. 22.  Go get you some.

*** My original Beware the Throwback post has received 2,200-plus direct hits. In and of itself, that’s not a large number. But when you consider I average about two dozen blog hits a day, most from family and friends likely, 2,200 in eight months is a significant number of hits. Thanks for the business.

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