Hurry up and die, newspapers

That’s the sentiment of Newsweek blogger Daniel Lyons in his Sunday blog post, a reaction to the proposed Newspaper Revitalization Act.

I’m not disputing that newspapers are dying, or that they should be, or even the reasons why Lyons asserts they are. But I find it interesting that Lyons ignores the fact that virtually every successful Internet journalism venture requires capital from somewhere else … another medium.

In fact, it would be interesting to see how Lyons feels about newsmagazines.

Like newspapers, they are dying a slow (albeit, a little slower, yet just as certain) death. Both Time and Newsweek, the nation’s foremost mainstream news mags, have shrunk in recent years. And they’ve certainly tinkered with their formats to try and keep readers or bring in new ones.

That being said, it’s Newsweek’s print sales, not advertising on a Web site — or even more specifically Lyons’ blog — paying Lyons’ bills.

But it’s OK if Newsweek goes under. Like Lyons says, journalists will get other jobs, right?

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