Pray for Mr. Black

James, our security guard at the Herald-Journal, asked me to call 911 for him about 1:30 a.m. He was having chest pains and difficulty breathing and thought it could be a heart attack.

I called 911, gave the woman all the info I could, gave him an aspirin and the paramedics arrived, worked with him and drove him away about 10 minutes later.

Before he left, Mr. Black, who’s 68 years old,  had me call his son and let him know what was happening so he could pass it on to any other family.

A co-worker called and got his replacement here to cover the rest of his shift. I pray that he’s alright.

UPDATE: I spoke with the other security guard, and he told me Mr. Black did not have a heart attack and came home from the hospital the next evening.

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