We’re gonna rock down to Electric Ave.

Since I got my XM Radio subscription for Christmas, when Dylan rides any where with me, he listens like me.

I do a lot of listening to the 80s on 8. Last week, driving Dylan home from school, I heard Eddy Grant’s “Electric Avenue.” Turns out, Dylan loved the song, and now it can be added to the list of songs I’ve introduced him to that drive Brooke insane (see “Werewolves of London”).

Then, when we’re in the car together with him, we hear “Centerfold” by the J. Geils Band.

“I like this song,” he says. “I like the “na na na na na nas.”

So he tells me as I’m taking him to school, ” I like this XM Radio, Daddy. It has a lot more good songs than the other radio we have.”

I tell Brooke this. We laugh.

The next day, she takes him to school and he tells her, “Mommy, for Christmas next year, I want an XM Radio , just like Daddy’s.”

Now I’m in the doghouse.

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