Ode to Paul Newman … or a coincidence?

Working at night, I rarely become attached to anything on primetime TV because I simply would never see it. We don’t have Tivo and I refuse to tape stuff nonstop and try to squeeze in a time during the day with my little girl to try and watch it.

But since my off days are Sunday-Monday, one of the new shows I started watching last year was “Chuck” (Official site, unofficial site). It’s goofy, but I like it. And it has a ton of really cool, obscure pop culture references that almost no one picks up on.

So anyway, Monday night’s episode was the premiere for this season. It rocked as usual. But at the end, there was a strange coincidence, or at least I think it was.

After the plot resolution, in that brief segment just before the episode ends (I’m sure this has a name … on the Andy Griffith Show, there used to always be some sort of joke told by Andy in this spot), Chuck and his co-worker are discussing a bet that another co-worker couldn’t scarf down 90 twinkies in some brief time period.

In response, Chuck Bartowski responds, “Nobody can eat 90 Twinkies.”

It may not seem like much, but this is an obvious reference to the scene in “Cool Hand Luke” where Luke (Paul Newman) promises to eat 50 hard-boiled eggs in an hour, and George Kennedy’s character reponds, “Nobody can eat 50 eggs.”

I’ve been seeing previews of this episode for months, literally, so they obviously didn’t work this in as a response to Newman’s death on Saturday. But if it wasn’t on purpose, that makes it one hell of a coincidence, doesn’t it?

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