Luke, err, Dylan, I am your father

Join me ... it is your destiny!

Join me ... it is your destiny!

Much to my wife’s anguish, in the just longer than five years my son has been alive, I have managed to get him hooked on anything and everything Star Wars. Really, I think she may be upset because at 5, he may have a better grasp on the movies than she does.

Anyway, he asked for anything Star Wars for his birthday. My wife found this cool birthday card with Darth Vader on the front, ad when you open it, it plays the “Imperial March.”

A couple nights ago, as he was winding down, not too long before bedtime, Dylan sat on the floor looking at a Star Wars comic book. But while he turned the pages of the comic book – he can’t read it all yet, so he’s just looking at the pictures – he would open the card beside him on the floor so that the song would play.

Each time the song would play through and finish, he would close the card and open it again, starting the song over.

He kept repeating this, over and over, until he was finished with his comic book, like it was his own little soundtrack.

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  1. you need a pic of the cake. ha.

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