Don’t forget the batteries

Dylan’s birthday party was Thursday afternoon. He had a pool party, along with his cousin, whose birthday is like a week from his.

We’ve gotten into the habit of having their parties together so that family won’t have to make two parties in the same week.

Anyway, he got some cool presents … Star Wars men, A Yoda T-shirt, Spider Man walkie talkies, a LeapFrog reading pad thingy, etc. Thanks to all who are helping us spoil him.

One thing he didn’t get … AAA batteries.

Big mistake.

He spent a good part of Friday afternoon broken-hearted because, while I was home with him before I went to work, he wanted me to show him how to use his walkie talkies and his LeapFrog thingy.

No batteries, so no dice. I had no car, so I couldn’t take him to get some. I told him, we’ll simply have to wait. Try that with your 5-year-old.

I don’t blame the people that gave him the gifts. Batteries are expensive, and when you’re picking out the gifts, it’s easy for batteries to slip your mind.

But when your 5-year-old simply doesn’t understand that Daddy doesn’t have the batteries to put in his new favorite toy, it doesn’t matter why you don’t have them.

So I’m making a resolution that from now on, any gift buying I’m involved in will include buying batteries for whatever I get for whichever kid I’m getting it for.

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